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"Now shaking up the business world… science that may change the way the world does business."

The Today Show

"Give and Take is a very interesting book… I can’t put it down.”

TV host, producer, and radio personality

"As insightful and entertaining as Malcolm Gladwell at his best, Give and Take just might be the most important book of this young century."

Robert Sutton
author of The No *sshole Rule and Good Boss, Bad Boss

"Give and Take is a truly exhilarating book—the rare work that will shatter your assumptions about how the world works."

Daniel Pink
author of Drive and To Sell Is Human

"As brilliant as it is wise, this is not just a book—it’s a new and shining worldview. Adam Grant is one of the great social scientists of our time, and his book is brimming with life-changing insights."

Susan Cain
author of Quiet

"Give and Take is a pleasure to read, extraordinarily informative, and will likely become one of the classic books on workplace leadership and management. It has changed the way I see my personal and professional relationships."

Jeff Ashby
NASA space shuttle commander

“Perfectly timed and beautifully weighted… a refreshing change after years of reading angry indictments of fallen corporate idols… excellent book.”

The Financial Times

"Give and Take is just brimming with studies proving his points. They amaze and instruct… Thoughtful and well-researched… a book that means something."

Bloomberg Businessweek

"Grant’s extraordinary book [is] my favorite on behavior since Quiet.”


“Give and Take is already garnering plaudits for the rigor of its science, the freshness of its arguments, and the pleasure of its prose.”

Inc. magazine

“Because I was reading Adam Grant’s book… I became much more self-conscious about trying to connect people… I was surprised by how often it turned out to be useful to both sides.”

The New York Times


The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal

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